The beach is always a popular option for those looking to take a break from life. Beaches are the perfect blend of sunshine, relaxation, and exciting activities, especially for families. There are countless activities that family members of all ages can enjoy to make memories that will last a lifetime. Here seven beach activities that families love:

Beach combing: 

Take a morning stroll on the beach and explore the coast together. Hunt for shells, stones, seaweed, and other treasures as you look for signs of wildlife. The whole family will enjoy identifying different species of birds and sea creatures, and perhaps a surprise visit from a friendly school of fish!

Building a picnic on the beach:

Covered sandcastles? Too mainstream! Gather up all of your favorite snacks, games, and supplies and create the ultimate make-shift beach picnic. Sitting down with the family in the sand to take in the scenery and enjoy each other's company is a timeless tradition that everyone can appreciate. This beach villa is perfect for the family as it is only few steps away from the beach!

Boogie boarding: 

Who doesn't love riding the waves? Gather up a few of your favorite boogie boards and let your inner child come to life as you hang ten among the crashing surf. Don't forget to keep an eye out for the occasional sea turtle!

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Is there any better feeling that the cool water on your skin? Swimming is great exercise and even more fun when the whole family can join in. Races, pool noodles, wade pools, and more make swimming an activity that everyone can enjoy. Book a beach room that is accessible. This luxury beach room lets your family see the ocean from the window! What a perfect view.

Beach volleyball: 

Where there is sand, there is usually a beach volleyball net set up. Join in a game with some other beach goers or just practice your aim and encourage friendly competition amongst family and friends.

Beach crafts: 

Show off your inner artist by creating sandcastles, building towers and sculptures with the sand, or writing messages in the sand.


This isn't the surfing you think, you can actually surf in the gulf and the bay with no waves at all. Our friends at Foil Gulf Coast actually teach you how to surf on a battery powered surfboard that hovers above the water. Don't believe us? Check them out. 

No matter what you choose to do, a day at the beach with your family is sure to be full of fun and plenty of laughter. Whether you're building sand castles or swimming in the surf, beach activities are sure to provide the perfect setting for a day of bonding and relaxation. So the next time you're looking for the perfect summer activity for your family, don't forget checkout our family friendly villas!

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